Customization, Customer Satisfaction, and Cost-efficient- Three Cs of Volfram’s success

VOLFRAM condensate recovery pump
VOLFRAM condensate recovery pump

Mahesh Jadhav gives insights on Volfram and how it differentiates itself from other companies. Customer satisfaction and getting repeat order is the best way of growing as a company. Volfram is excited to attend Boiler Expo 2022 as it will be their first time exhibiting in any exhibition. Focusing on quality and service rather than branding, Volfram has paved its easy to the top. 

Mahesh Jadhav

Mahesh Jadhav, Director of Volfram Systems India, in an exclusive interview with Machine Maker, talked about the company and its journey. Volfram was built from scratch in 2012 and started as a consultancy company for process-based industries. They assisted them to save fuel and steam costs, making their process more cost-efficient. They provided the companies with engineering services, mostly related to utility engineering. Volfram recognized that there was a need for good products in the sector. Hence, they started the full-fledged manufacturing of their own products. 

Volfram is all set to exhibit its solutions at Boiler Expo 2022. They now have a complete range of steam accessories for the process industry. Majorly, the products are focused on energy conservation such as condensation recovery, steam traps, etc. These products make sure that the temperature and pressure are optimum, they also allow the users to save and recover energy. These products make a huge impact on process efficiency. 

“Basically, there is an approach where they develop a product and then fit it into the market, but our approach is very different”, comments Mr. Jadhav. Volfram approaches manufacturing differently, they provide personalized solutions where they understand the needs of the customer and then design the solution around it. Rather than keeping its product line fixed, Volfram believes in continuous innovation. This makes Volfram very unique and different from traditional manufacturing. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for Volfram and because of this, they get a lot of repeat orders. As the situation is very rough and pricing can be competitive, Volfram brings custom solutions that enable their client to choose Volfram repeatedly. 

Cooling and Heating Sytem 

According to Mr. Jadhav, skilled engineers are very hard to find and the main reason is that the skills they have are now up to date or in line with the industry. He encourages practical training to improve their skills and keep them updated. 

This year will mark the first time Volfram will be attending Boiler Expo. The online presence of Volfram is good but now through this exhibition, they expect to connect with a lot of new customers. Volfram has now planned to expand and cater to a bigger number of customers. Through Boiler India Expo, Volfram expects to reach more geographical locations. 

Volfram has exported a lot of its products and they also have tied up with Iwaki America, importing sensors for water treatment. They are showcasing their latest products in collaboration with Iwaki, these products are way more technically advanced. “The best certificate you can get is a repeat order”, comments Mr. Jadhav. Volfram’s quality products and services have earned them repeat orders. They have received continuous repeat orders from all over the world every year. This boosts the confidence of Volfram and allows them to provide innovations actively. 



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