Sampson’s Industrial Equipments, the New Synonym to Holistic Solutions for Tube Expansion

Sapsons products
Sapsons products

The secret to flourishing in any industry is understanding the needs of the customers and making sure your products align with their needs. Sampson’s Industrial Equipments Pvt. Ltd. stands out in the market because they have figured out the needs of the manufacturing sector and are working hard to be the best in the market. 

Mr. A. Pandian

In an exclusive interview with Machine Maker, A. Pandian, the founder of Sapsons Industrial Equipments Pvt. Ltd., talked about the difficulties of the manufacturing industry and explained some first-hand solutions. Founded more than 15 years ago, Sapsons Industrial Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality heavy-duty industrial torque tools, tube expanders for boilers and heat exchangers, tube expanding systems operated by both electricity and hydraulic power, and all related tools and accessories for re-tubing and tube expansions, tube cleaning systems, also tools for cleaning boilers, evaporators, pressure pan, and condensers. In short, we can say that this company has answers to all your tube-related needs. The product range of Sapsons Industrial Equipments is mainly divided into three major categories namely Assembly tools, Tubing tools, and Heavy-Duty Torque tools. All these products are developed keeping in mind the goal of problem-solving and thus these tools facilitate productivity and efficiency without a doubt.  A. Pandian himself has more than 39 years of experience in the industry and in the early 2000s he decided to start his own company thus, Sapsons Industrial Equipments Pvt. Ltd. was born. This company exports to all major countries and is one of the most sought-after brand names in tubing tool needs. 

“A lot of people who handle boilers are not technically trained and thus there are chances that while expanding the tubes they might damage the boiler”, said A. Pandian, when asked about the struggles of the industry. But to counter this problem, Sapsons Industrial Equipments Pvt. Ltd. came up with a service-based solution that no one else in the market offers, they provide exclusive installation and post-sales services to make sure that the customer does not damage his boiler. This negates technical expenses for the customer and improves the quality and life of their boilers and causes very minimal wear and tear as all the expansion is handled by professionals from Sapsons Industrial Equipments. The company’s workshop is situated in Mumbai with offices in Delhi and Bangalore. They export their products to Africa, the Middle East, the UK, and Asia. When asked about the customer base in India, A. Pandian told us that his majority clientele is government concerns and a few other big companies. Sampson hopes to get new eyeballs on their business through this exhibition and create awareness about the brand. Boiler India is the first exhibition in which the company is participating and they are stoked to be a part of this event which is being held on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of September in Mumbai. A. Pandian said that he surely feels the pressure as it is a huge event, and will give him the opportunity to gather a new customer base and thus, he has to put his best foot forward.  

Sapsons’s Product

All good businesses have a growth strategy that helps them become big and whatever this strategy is, it is the driving force of that company, and for Sapsons it’s solving problems. Today when technology is changing every passing day, making sure that your technology matches the requirement and gives the customer the best end product is a tedious task. A. Pandian strongly believes in improving every day and says his secret to being such a good problem solver is his ability to understand his customers’ problems and then look for a solution that fits the situation. This dynamic founder has immense faith in his team and wants to make sure that he is the ultimate go-to brand for all tube-related needs in the market.       



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