Customer Centric Approach help Manhar to improve Productivity & Profitability: Pinal A Vora

Pinal Vora Manhar Trading Corporation
Pinal Vora Manhar Trading Corporation

Founded by Amulakh H Vora in 1964, Manhar Trading Corporation is a leading solution provider in the field of industrial Piping products and is based in Mumbai. Representing leading manufacturers like Tube Investments of India Ltd, Maharashtra Seamless Ltd, Jindal Saw Ltd, ISMT Ltd, and Jindal Pipes Ltd, they will be participating in the second edition of Boiler India 2022 Exhibition at CIDCO, Navi Mumbai.

Manhar Trading Corporation is a very well-known company in Maharashtra and Gujarat supplying pipes and tubes characterised by superior quality and high durability. They focus on helping their customers to reduce costs and improve their bottom line, and this approach brought them to be one of the leading suppliers of steel pipe distributors in the country.

IBR Seamless Alloy Pipes and Tubes

Machine Maker spoke to Pinal A Vora, a second-generation entrepreneur about their participation at Boiler India Exhibition, and what they plan to offer to the Boiler industry. “Over the years Manhar Trading Corporation has exceeded the expectations of its customers by providing them with unmatched inventory, efficient shipping speed and assurance of superior quality and high durability, its expertise and knowledge help it provide a solid foundation for creating long-lasting professional relationships”, said Pinal A Vora.

Talking about their participation at Boiler India 2022 Mr Vora said, “It is our second time participating in this exhibition, and we are very excited to meet our customers after the pandemic.”  According to Pinal Vora, this is an amazing platform for real-time interaction between producers and consumers.

“We are having customers who are partnering with us for more than 25 years. These exhibitions become a great opportunity to meet them in person, and this makes us very excited”, added Pinal A Vora. “Not only does it make our old bonds stronger, but the exhibition also brings forth newer leads for the business, helping it to grow”, added Mr Vora.

According to Pinal Vora, the backbone of Manhar Trading Corporation is its customer-centric approach, which became the foundation of its existence. “Exhibitions like Boiler India help us understand their needs better. They can also point out our mistakes and the areas we can develop. Their feedback is crucial to better ourselves”, said Pinal Vora.

Manhar is presenting stainless tubes which are used in IBR, with a high boiler pressure of 213tp-347h, which has been introduced by them. They are also introducing some special items that customers need in IBR, in stainless steel. For stainless steel tubes, Jindal is the brand they are leading, for 347h as well as 304h. “We are very simple people who have been working in this industry for over 58 years. Most of the Indian customers know us”, said Pinal Vora.

IBR CS & ERW Boiler Tubes

Pinal Vora is hoping to see a larger audience this year, along with more exhibitors participating in Boiler Expo 2022. Even if there is competition, Pinal never finds it as a major challenge, as Manhar is having a strong bond with its customers, and offer customised solution to the benefit of new and old customers.

“Orangebeak Technologies, the organisers of Boiler India Expo works proactively”, explains Pinal Vora. The organisers make a list of the visitors and share it with the exhibitors post-show, so, in case the customers miss out on a stall, the companies can contact them for future business requirements.

Concluding his interaction Pinal Vora suggested, that the media coverage should go on a large scale, which can bring visitors and delegates from the national and international markets. Manhar Trading Corporation is all set to participate in this exhibition and hopes to meet and attend the best of Boiler and allied manufacturers.


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